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Eve online and SWG

Eve Online has a larger fan groups than SWG and for amount reasons. The games, while it is in space that they are taking place, are quite different. The size of both gaming spaces is totally different. While Eve Online owns over systems 5,000, while SWG only has 12. Even though you will be able to play online in SWG, you will be stuck playing out a scenario instead of being able to control your own fate. But there are reasons why people enjoy Star Wars also. This is WHY the game becomes like every other video game.

The game is set-up like the movie in the theater. If you are a fan of Star Wars, you will like this that much. You will work with Jabba the or Hut Darth Vader and more! If you enjoy MMORPG, but do not want to make all the decisions concerning your character and what they will be doing, then this game is ESPECIALLY for you. People who have played Star Wars and Eve Online seem to like Eve Online much better, but there are those who like both. It is a matter of personal preference.

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