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Dungeon and Dragon Online Professions

There are nine professions/classes available in DDO. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The Fighter is a melee class. Fighters are the frontline defence in a group. They can wear all types of armour and are proficient with almost all weapons. They specialise in absorbing, and even deflecting, damage.

The Barbarian is a melee class. Barbarians are more aggressive than fighters. Although proficient with almost all weapons, they cannot wear the heaviest armour. This leaves them vulnerable in defence. This short coming is made up for by an enhanced ability to dodge attacks. They specialise in dealing, and to an extent, absorbing damage.

The Rogue is a melee class. Rogues are swift, silent and deadly. They can dish out great amounts of damage, but are extremely vulnerable to attack. Although their unequalled evasiveness compensates somewhat, they are particularly vulnerable to magic attacks. They have an eerie ability to remain undetected which makes them good scouts. They specialise in detecting and disabling traps, and dealing damage.

The Paladin is a hybrid class. Paladins are holy warriors. They are somewhere between clerics and fighters. While they can hold their own in melee, they also have the ability to heal others, and to turn undead. As a hybrid class it doesnt have a specialised role, but rather does a little of both the fighters role and the clerics role.

The Ranger is a hybrid class. Rangers have a wide variety of skills. They can fight well in melee, they are excellent with ranged weapons and they can use a limited amount of magic. Being somewhat weak in defence, they are best used to shower the enemy with ranged attacks.

The Bard is a hybrid class. Bards are a very unique class. Their special abilities allow them to inspire their companions and demoralise their enemies. They also have limited healing and arcane spellcasting abilities. A very interesting, but difficult, class to play.

The Cleric is a spellcasting class. Clerics are the greatest healers. Not only can they heal better than anyone else, at higher levels they can also resurrect. Add to that the ability to turn and destroy undead and you have one useful class. Just be sure to stay out of melee. They specialise in healing.

The Sorcerer is a spellcasting class. Though they cant learn as many spells, sorcerers can cast their spells much faster than a wizard. They specialise in casting quick offensive spells.

The Wizard is a spellcasting class. Wizards are the ultimate spellcasters. They can learn more spells than anyone else, with one drawback, they cast much slower. They specialise in casting slow destructive spells.

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