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World Of Warcraft Honor Killing and Guide help

On PVP servers, defeating opponents who are within ten levels of your character grants you honor points. Gaining honor is a major goal for many WoW players. As you accumulate honor, your character rises in rank and prestige, earning titles that are recognizable and feared throughout the realm. At higher ranks, rare and epic PVP items become available, making your character even more dangerous in the battlefield. Whether you are seeking glory with the Defilers in Arathi Basin, or with the Silverwing Sentinels in Warsong Gulch, honor and fame are your ultimate goals.

While the honor system does not punish players for killing characters well below their levels, it only rewards them if the player would have received XP for them. Even then, playing on a PVP server can be extremely frustrating as entering any contested zone means you can be the target of enemy players. High level players often roam lower level zones, killing them for sport, even though they offer no real rewards. Other areas where PVP battles can take place are battlegrounds, mini-instances set aside for objective based battles between Alliance and Horde forces. Each of these instances provide different rewards for reaching high levels of faction, but attaining those ranks can take weeks, if not months of constant battlegrounds play.

Thousands of generation-Y gamers have grown up experiencing the quirky world of massively multiplayer Online Role-Playing games. However, even the most diligent and sophisticated gen-Y game-goers sometimes have trouble navigating the fascinatingly dynamic world of Azeroth. Many players become easily frustrated with the complexities of quests, especially the higher level ones requiring players to grind faction for hours and hours. Others simply do not have the time to devote to the game to experience all that the game can offer. Sure, you can turn to other players within your faction for help. You can even spend hundreds of hours in forums looking for clues about rarities, reading up on strategies and ideas about how to defeat certain encounters, but ultimately, a direct helping hand is what is often needed.

Help can come in a variety of ways - sometimes it's just picking up some extra gold to buy the equipment you need, or upgrade your spells and abilities. Other times you need the cash to re-specialize your character's talents, buy materials for your trade skills, or just have some free cash around to repair your armor and weapons. For others, help is needed to grind up levels or reputation. Picking up some of the high level rare enchantments like +15 Agility to One-handed weapons is extremely time consuming, requiring a player to gain Honored faction with the Timbermaw Firbolg tribe. Even starting to get attuned with Naxxramas requires at least Honored faction with the Argent Dawn, which means hundreds of hours spent in Stratholme and Scholomance.

From the monster filled depths of Wailing Caverns to the fanatic's stronghold known as Scarlet Monestary, the world of Azeroth is a place of great danger and adventure. Whether you seek to unravel the machinations of Onyxia, stem the growth of the Scourge or destroy the resurrected avatar of Hakkar, having guides to show you the way around the World of Warcraft can only be to your advantage. Simply getting to level 60 sometimes is not enough - in order to even gain entrance into the epic dungeons such as Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Naxxramas, your character must complete difficult and dangerous quests that must be done in a group.

Whether you are Alliance or Horde, the quests to become attuned to any high level dungeon needs to be done in groups. Some quests require you to go to the very lowest levels of Blackrock Depths, or travel the world seeking elite dragons to kill, or confront Onyxia and her minions in the throne room of Stormwind City. Regardless of the requirements, having a guide to show you the way or a good party at your side will help ensure your success and prepare you for the epic dungeons beyond. Seeking help from inexperienced outsiders can be hazardous and a waste of time. Setting up random groups is always risky - your companions may not know how to play their characters. They could be impatient, restless, ninja-looters and a host of other problematic people that would lead to untimely death and wasted efforts. Having a strong, reliable group of players or guides at your side is the only sure fire way to complete these quests.

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