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Ffxi Gil Prices Slashed Down !!!
Ffxi Gil Prices Slashed Down !!! Buy Final Fantasy XI FFXI ff11 Gil at rock bottom price. Cheap Final Fantasy XI FF XI is now as low as $168.75 per 10 Million (10,000 K) Gil in some server, and as always, deliveries are done 24/7 within 30 mins to 4 hours from the time your order is placed! Delivery Information The FFXI game have updated, and the maximum gil amount delivered by Post box is 1 million at one time. Now we will trade the gil directly with you in game face to face. After you placed the order, please come to auction house in Lower Jeuno,beside the NPC Subash, keep your charater online 30mins - 60mins,we will find you in the game and fill your order.FFXI Gil Store, Open 24/7 your FFXI gil will be delivered to you in less than 30 minutes! We strive to offer the fastest and most reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, live chat and email.
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