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  World of Warcraft US
About WOW      
Developer Blizzard gives players a new perspective into the popular massively multiplayer Warcraft series with its new title, World of Warcraft. See the world of Azeroth like never before, exploring expansive 3D environments that range from mountains, to deserts, to forests and more. Create a custom character from one of the many classes and races in the Warcraft universe such as Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, Tauren, and Dwarves. Online multiplayer capabilities allow for thousands of players to quest together. Ever changing gameplay varies from month to month as new missions and items are constantly updated, adding to the countless hours of adventuring.
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World of Warcraft US-Server List
Aegwynn US AllianceAegwynn US Horde
Aerie'Peak US AllianceAerie'Peak US Horde
Agamaggan US AllianceAgamaggan US Horde
Aggramar US AllianceAggramar US Horde
Akama US AllianceAkama US Horde
Alexstrasza US AllianceAlexstrasza US Horde
Alleria US AllianceAlleria US Horde
Altar of Storms US AllianceAltar of Storms US Horde
Alterac Mountains US AllianceAlterac Mountains US Horde
Aman'Thul US AllianceAman'Thul US Horde
Andorhal US AllianceAndorhal US Horde
Anetheron US AllianceAnetheron US Horde
Antonidas US AllianceAntonidas US Horde
Anub'arak US AllianceAnub'arak US Horde
Anvilmar US AllianceAnvilmar US Horde
Arathor US AllianceArathor US Horde
Archimonde US AllianceArchimonde US Horde
Area52 US AllianceArea52 US Horde
ArgentDawn US AllianceArgentDawn US Horde
Arthas US AllianceArthas US Horde
Arygos US AllianceArygos US Horde
Auchindoun US AllianceAuchindoun US Horde
Azgalor US AllianceAzgalor US Horde
Azjol-Nerub US AllianceAzjol-Nerub US Horde
Azshara US AllianceAzshara US Horde
Azuremyst US AllianceAzuremyst US Horde
Baelgun US AllianceBaelgun US Horde
Balnazzar US AllianceBalnazzar US Horde
Barthilas US AllianceBarthilas US Horde
Black Dragonflight US AllianceBlack Dragonflight US Horde
Blackhand US AllianceBlackhand US Horde
Blackrock US AllianceBlackrock US Horde
Blackwater US AllianceBlackwater US Horde
Blackwing Lair US AllianceBlackwing Lair US Horde
Bladefist US AllianceBladefist US Horde
Blade's Edge US AllianceBlade's Edge US Horde
Bleeding Hollow US AllianceBleeding Hollow US Horde
Blood Furnace US AllianceBlood Furnace US Horde
Bloodhoof US AllianceBloodhoof US Horde
Bloodscalp US AllianceBloodscalp US Horde
Bonechewer US AllianceBonechewer US Horde
Borean Tundra US AllianceBorean Tundra US Horde
Boulderfist US AllianceBoulderfist US Horde
Bronzebeard US AllianceBronzebeard US Horde
Burning Blade US AllianceBurning Blade US Horde
Burning Legion US AllianceBurning Legion US Horde
Caelestrasz US AllianceCaelestrasz US Horde
Cairne US AllianceCairne US Horde
Cenarion Circle US AllianceCenarion Circle US Horde
Cenarius US AllianceCenarius US Horde
Cho'gall US AllianceCho'gall US Horde
Chromaggus US AllianceChromaggus US Horde
Coilfang US AllianceCoilfang US Horde
Crushridge US AllianceCrushridge US Horde
Daggerspine US AllianceDaggerspine US Horde
Dalaran US AllianceDalaran US Horde
Dalvengyr US AllianceDalvengyr US Horde
Dark Iron US AllianceDark Iron US Horde
Darkspear US AllianceDarkspear US Horde
Darrowmere US AllianceDarrowmere US Horde
Dath'Remar US AllianceDath'Remar US Horde
Dawnbringer US AllianceDawnbringer US Horde
Deathwing US AllianceDeathwing US Horde
Demon Soul US AllianceDemon Soul US Horde
Dentarg US AllianceDentarg US Horde
Destromath US AllianceDestromath US Horde
Dethecus US AllianceDethecus US Horde
Detheroc US AllianceDetheroc US Horde
Doomhammer US AllianceDoomhammer US Horde
Draenor US AllianceDraenor US Horde
Dragonblight US AllianceDragonblight US Horde
Dragonmaw US AllianceDragonmaw US Horde
Draka US AllianceDraka US Horde
Drakkari US AllianceDrakkari US Horde
Drak'tharon US AllianceDrak'tharon US Horde
Drak'thul US AllianceDrak'thul US Horde
Dreadmaul US AllianceDreadmaul US Horde
Drenden US AllianceDrenden US Horde
Dunemaul US AllianceDunemaul US Horde
Durotan US AllianceDurotan US Horde
Duskwood US AllianceDuskwood US Horde
Earthen Ring US AllianceEarthen Ring US Horde
Echo Isles US AllianceEcho Isles US Horde
Eitrigg US AllianceEitrigg US Horde
Eldre'Thalas US AllianceEldre'Thalas US Horde
Elune US AllianceElune US Horde
Emerald Dream US AllianceEmerald Dream US Horde
Eonar US AllianceEonar US Horde
Eredar US AllianceEredar US Horde
Executus US AllianceExecutus US Horde
Exodar US AllianceExodar US Horde
Farstriders US AllianceFarstriders US Horde
Feathermoon US AllianceFeathermoon US Horde
Fenris US AllianceFenris US Horde
Firetree US AllianceFiretree US Horde
Fizzcrank US AllianceFizzcrank US Horde
Frostmane US AllianceFrostmane US Horde
Frostmourne US AllianceFrostmourne US Horde
Frostwolf US AllianceFrostwolf US Horde
Galakrond US AllianceGalakrond US Horde
Garithos US AllianceGarithos US Horde
Garona US AllianceGarona US Horde
Garrosh US AllianceGarrosh US Horde
Ghostlands US AllianceGhostlands US Horde
Gilneas US AllianceGilneas US Horde
Gnomeregan US AllianceGnomeregan US Horde
Goldrinn US AllianceGoldrinn US Horde
Gorefiend US AllianceGorefiend US Horde
Gorgonnash US AllianceGorgonnash US Horde
Greymane US AllianceGreymane US Horde
Grizzly Hills US AllianceGrizzly Hills US Horde
Gul'dan US AllianceGul'dan US Horde
Gundrak US AllianceGundrak US Horde
Gurubashi US AllianceGurubashi US Horde
Hakkar US AllianceHakkar US Horde
Haomarush US AllianceHaomarush US Horde
Hellscream US AllianceHellscream US Horde
Hydraxis US AllianceHydraxis US Horde
Hyjal US AllianceHyjal US Horde
Icecrown US AllianceIcecrown US Horde
Illidan US AllianceIllidan US Horde
Jaedenar US AllianceJaedenar US Horde
Jubei'Thos US AllianceJubei'Thos US Horde
Kael'thas US AllianceKael'thas US Horde
Kalecgos US AllianceKalecgos US Horde
Kargath US AllianceKargath US Horde
Kel'Thuzad US AllianceKel'Thuzad US Horde
Khadgar US AllianceKhadgar US Horde
Khaz Modan US AllianceKhaz Modan US Horde
Khaz'goroth US AllianceKhaz'goroth US Horde
Kil'Jaeden US AllianceKil'Jaeden US Horde
Kilrogg US AllianceKilrogg US Horde
Kirin Tor US AllianceKirin Tor US Horde
Korgath US AllianceKorgath US Horde
Korialstrasz US AllianceKorialstrasz US Horde
Kul Tiras US AllianceKul Tiras US Horde
Laughing Skull US AllianceLaughing Skull US Horde
Lethon US AllianceLethon US Horde
Lightbringer US AllianceLightbringer US Horde
Lightninghoof US AllianceLightninghoof US Horde
Lightning's Blade US AllianceLightning's Blade US Horde
Llane US AllianceLlane US Horde
Lothar US AllianceLothar US Horde
Madoran US AllianceMadoran US Horde
Maelstorm US AllianceMaelstorm US Horde
Magtheridon US AllianceMagtheridon US Horde
maiev US Alliancemaiev US Horde
Malfurion US AllianceMalfurion US Horde
Mal'Ganis US AllianceMal'Ganis US Horde
Malorne US AllianceMalorne US Horde
Malygos US AllianceMalygos US Horde
Mannoroth US AllianceMannoroth US Horde
Medivh US AllianceMedivh US Horde
misha US Alliancemisha US Horde
Mok'Nathal US AllianceMok'Nathal US Horde
Moon Guard US AllianceMoon Guard US Horde
Moonrunner US AllianceMoonrunner US Horde
Mug'thol US AllianceMug'thol US Horde
Muradin US AllianceMuradin US Horde
Nagrand US AllianceNagrand US Horde
Nathrezim US AllianceNathrezim US Horde
Nazgrel US AllianceNazgrel US Horde
Nazjatar US AllianceNazjatar US Horde
Nemesis US AllianceNemesis US Horde
Ner'Zhul US AllianceNer'Zhul US Horde
Nesingwary US AllianceNesingwary US Horde
Nordrassil US AllianceNordrassil US Horde
Norgannon US AllianceNorgannon US Horde
Onyxia US AllianceOnyxia US Horde
Perenolde US AlliancePerenolde US Horde
Proudmoore US AllianceProudmoore US Horde
Quel'dorei US AllianceQuel'dorei US Horde
Quel'Thalas US AllianceQuel'Thalas US Horde
Ragnaros US AllianceRagnaros US Horde
Ravencrest US AllianceRavencrest US Horde
ravenholdt US Allianceravenholdt US Horde
Rexxar US AllianceRexxar US Horde
Rivendare US AllianceRivendare US Horde
Runetotem US AllianceRunetotem US Horde
Sargeras US AllianceSargeras US Horde
Saurfang US AllianceSaurfang US Horde
Scarlet Crusade US AllianceScarlet Crusade US Horde
Scilla US AllianceScilla US Horde
Sen'Jin US AllianceSen'Jin US Horde
Sentinels US AllianceSentinels US Horde
Shadow Council US AllianceShadow Council US Horde
Shadow Moon US AllianceShadow Moon US Horde
Shadowsong US AllianceShadowsong US Horde
Shandris US AllianceShandris US Horde
shanttered halls US Allianceshanttered halls US Horde
Shattered Hand US AllianceShattered Hand US Horde
Shu'halo US AllianceShu'halo US Horde
Silver Hand US AllianceSilver Hand US Horde
Silvermoon US AllianceSilvermoon US Horde
Sisters of Elune US AllianceSisters of Elune US Horde
Skullcrusher US AllianceSkullcrusher US Horde
Skywall US AllianceSkywall US Horde
Smolderthorn US AllianceSmolderthorn US Horde
Spinebreaker US AllianceSpinebreaker US Horde
Spirestone US AllianceSpirestone US Horde
Staghelm US AllianceStaghelm US Horde
Steamwheedle Cartel US AlliancSteamwheedle Cartel US Horde
Stonemaul US AllianceStonemaul US Horde
Stormrage US AllianceStormrage US Horde
Stormreaver US AllianceStormreaver US Horde
Stormscale US AllianceStormscale US Horde
Suramar US AllianceSuramar US Horde
Tanaris US AllianceTanaris US Horde
Terenas US AllianceTerenas US Horde
Terokkar US AllianceTerokkar US Horde
Thaurissan US AllianceThaurissan US Horde
The Forgotten Coast US AlliancThe Forgotten Coast US Horde
The scryers US AllianceThe scryers US Horde
The underbog US AllianceThe underbog US Horde
The Venture Co US AllianceThe Venture Co US Horde
Thorium Brotherhood US AlliancThorium Brotherhood US Horde
Thrall US AllianceThrall US Horde
Thunderhorn US AllianceThunderhorn US Horde
Thunderlord US AllianceThunderlord US Horde
Tichondrius US AllianceTichondrius US Horde
Tortheldrin US AllianceTortheldrin US Horde
Trollbane US AllianceTrollbane US Horde
Turalyon US AllianceTuralyon US Horde
Twisting Nether US AllianceTwisting Nether US Horde
Uldaman US AllianceUldaman US Horde
Uldum US AllianceUldum US Hord
Undermine US AllianceUndermine US Horde
Ursin US AllianceUrsin US Horde
Uther US AllianceUther US Horde
Vashj US AllianceVashj US Horde
Vek'nilash US AllianceVek'nilash US Horde
Velen US AllianceVelen US Horde
Warsong US AllianceWarsong US Horde
Whisperwind US AllianceWhisperwind US Horde
Wildhammer US AllianceWildhammer US Horde
Windrunner US AllianceWindrunner US Horde
Winterhoof US AllianceWinterhoof US Horde
WyrmrestAccord US AllianceWyrmrestAccord US Horde
Ysera US AllianceYsera US Horde
Ysondre US AllianceYsondre US Horde
Zangarmarsh US AllianceZangarmarsh US Horde
Zul'jin US AllianceZul'jin US Horde
Zuluhed US AllianceZuluhed US Horde
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